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Commercial Solar System

My Energy Group are helping businesses discover new ways to improve operational efficiency and manage energy consumption with solar. We design and install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and turn-key technology solutions to help businesses across Australia achieve long-term and successful energy independence.

Massive Reduction in Electricity Costs

Reduce your power bills by up to 75% and benefit with long term savings.

High Returns on Investment

Fast return on investment (3-5 years) with reduced operating costs and Government incentives (rebates, feedback tariffs) as well as taxation depreciation of capital investment.

Access to Free, Clean Energy from the Sun

Use the clean, free energy from the sun to produce your own electricity and have peace of mind that your business will never be exposed to rising utility costs again

Increased Property Value

Installing a solar system will result in an increased value of your commercial property as new buyers will not have to worry about the initial investment or installation costs.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Improve your reputation and generate more positive responses from environmentally responsible customers by showcasing your efforts to reduce your CO2 emissions and support green business.

Energy Security

Become energy independent by reducing your reliance on the grid so your business is less likely to experience blackouts and your operations can remain uninterrupted.

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About My Energy Group

My Energy Group is ISO9001:2015 certified National Provider of solar power and LED lighting solutions company from residential homeowners to full-scale commercial systems. We offer comprehensive, complete solutions no one else can match – including design, construction, operation, quality, management, and financing services.

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Our clients consist of a wide range of Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Organizations.
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