In order to facilitate your agreement, we will require from you the information listed below, to allow us to process your approval in the soonest:

  • A.B.N. and A.C.N. Numbers. (Confirmation of GST Registered)
  • Last 12 Months Financial Statements
  • Last 12 Months BAS Statements
  • F.T.R.A.* 100 Points Identification *(Financial Transaction Reports Act).
  • Confirmation of Lease Term if Leasing.
  • Rates Notice if mortgaged / owned commercial property.
  • Value of P.P.R. (Principal place of residence). and Mortgage (to calculate your L.V.R.) (loan to value ratio).
  • Statement of Personal Assets and Liabilities of Each Director.
  • Signed Statement of Intent to Proceed with My Energy Group.
  • Signed and complete PPA* Application Form (Power purchase Agreement).

Once we have the required information, we are able to process your application from the Pre-Approval to a Formal Proposal from the Program Facilitator.