Transforming Energy Efficiency at Homart Pharmaceuticals

My Energy Group recently installed a total of 392 kW solar system for Homart Pharmaceuticals in Rydalmere, Sydney. This project, executed in two stages, replaced an outdated 100 kW system and added an additional 292 kW, significantly boosting energy efficiency and sustainability. The new system produces approximately 1500 kW hours per day, meeting up to 70% of Homart's daily energy needs and reducing their energy bills.

Project Details

Client: Homart Pharmaceuticals
Location: Rydalmere, NSW

Homart Pharmaceuticals faced a significant challenge with an outdated, non-compliant 100 kW solar system that needed a complete overhaul. My Energy Group, an ISO quality and safety accredited national solar retailer, was tasked with delivering a comprehensive solution to enhance their energy efficiency and sustainability.

Project Phases:

  • Stage One:
    • Objective: Replace the outdated 100 kW system.
    • Solution: Installed a state-of-the-art 100 kW solar system featuring a Sungrow inverter and 181 Risen solar panels.
    • Outcome: Ensured immediate compliance and improved safety for the client.
  • Stage Two:
    • Objective: Expand solar capacity to further reduce energy costs.
    • Solution: Added an additional 292 kW, bringing the total system capacity to 392 kW.
    • Outcome: Achieved a daily production of approximately 1500 kW hours, meeting up to 70% of Homart’s daily energy needs.


  • Energy Production: The new system produces about 1500 kW hours per day.
  • Cost Savings: Significant reduction in energy bills.
  • Compliance: Achieved full compliance with current safety standards.
  • Monitoring: Provided software for real-time performance monitoring.
  • Government Rebate: Assisted in claiming the LGC government rebate.

Client Feedback: Homart Pharmaceuticals is extremely pleased with the outcome, particularly the seamless transition, increased energy production, and significant cost savings. The ability to monitor the system in real-time has also been a valuable addition.

Conclusion: This project underscores My Energy Group’s commitment to delivering tailored, sustainable energy solutions. By addressing Homart Pharmaceuticals’ specific needs, we’ve not only enhanced their energy efficiency but also set a benchmark for future projects.

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