SENEC.Home: The smart electricity storage device for your home

SENEC.Home is the heart of the your sustainable, affordable supply of solar electricity. The smart battery storage device stores excess electricity generated by your PV system so that you can use it when you need it – such as when your household’s energy consumption increases in the evening, or on rainy days when your PV system generates less power.

Product highlights

1. System available in usable capacities of 4.5 or 9 kWhs
2. 20-year extendable warranty available (the first 10 years are on us)
3. One of the highest charge/discharge rate in the industry at 12,000 cycles
4. Designed and made in Germany using superior quality electronics – battery modules made by Samsung SDI in South Korea
5. Fully integrated with the SENEC.360 product range and monitored through the SENEC.App


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➔ Data sheet

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