Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

My Energy Group Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), will provide electricity at a cost significantly lower than the grid by installing an on-site solar power system. This $0 upfront arrangement gives your business immediate savings from Day 1 and a long-term electricity rate hedge for the next 7 to 10 years.

Upfront Cost

Immediate Saving

your energy mix

How Do Solar PPAs Work?

When a customer decides to sign a solar PPA, they agree to have solar panels installed on their property. This involves signing a long-term contract with a company that provides solar services. The customer who decides to sign the agreement typically purchases the solar electricity either at or slightly below the regular electric rate they would pay for a regular provider. There are two types of terms a customer can agree to a fixed escalator plan or a fixed price plan.

Fixed Escalator Plan
A customer’s price raises each year at a predetermined percentage (typically 2 to 5 percent) to account for inflation and maintenance costs. This predetermined rate is usually lower than most projected utility rate increases.

Fixed Price Plan
A customer pays the same price throughout the duration of the PPA. This saves customers money as utility rates increase over time.


Massive Reduction in Electricity

Free Solar Maintenance Annually

Reduced input cost volatility

24/7 Remote Monitoring on the System Production

Heavily Reduced
Reliance on the Grid

Free Insurance
on the System

Ownership of the
System after the Term

of NABERS rating

You simply pay for the energy that the system produces at a much lower rate than the average rate from your energy retailer. It is either fixed or slightly escalated to suit your needs. Plus you don’t need to change your energy retailer to make it happened.

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