Vertex 510W
1/3-cut, MBB, 480-510W

150 Cell



Power Output Range


Maximum Efficiency


Positive Power Tolerance

510W High Power with 21.2% High Efficiency

Based on the industry-leading 210mm solar cells, Vertex 510W achieves 60W higher output power than the previous generation, allowing lower cost for structure, cable and workmanship per Wp.

Vertex 510W benefits from square cells, high-density encapsulation and multi-busbar technologies. By reducing panel size and increasing light absorption, its efficiency can reach up to 21.2%, for maximum energy harvest from roofs.

Easy System Design and Installation

Triple-cut technology makes Vertex 510W highly compatible with mainstream inverters and optimizers for residential and commercial rooftop projects.

Mainstream rooftop mounting methods are verified and approved for easy system design.

High Quality

Extended 15-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty offer extra protection.

The use of carefully selected materials makes Vertex 510W achieve the best reliability in demanding climates. It passed an enhanced hail test with 35mm hail size. The module achieves up to 6,000 Pa snow load and 2,400 Pa wind load.

With best-in-class engineering, manufacturing processes and quality control, Vertex 510W is assembled in fully automated and newly built state-of-the-art factories for quality excellence.

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