Vertex S 400W

1/3-cut, MBB, 380-400W

120 Cell



Power Output Range


Maximum Efficiency


Positive Power Tolerance

Outstanding Visual Appearance

Vertex S has been designed with aesthetics in mind, with excellent cell color control thanks to dedicated cell blackening treatment and machine selection. Its ultra-thin, virtually invisible busbars underline the full black appearance, making this module ideal for residential rooftop application.

Small in size, big on power

The new Vertex S 400W module class is based on advanced technology from the Vertex platform. It is perfectly designed to fulfill specific requirements for rooftop application. Vertex S generates up to 410Wp power even in limited space, achieving 21.3% module efficiency with high density cell interconnection. Its multi-busbar technology stands for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection and enhanced reliability. Vertex S will give you up to 70W more power while comparable in size with conventional products. In other words: This module will provide the best balance of power, size and weight.

Universal Solution for Rooftop Application

Vertex S has been designed for compatibility with existing mainstream inverters, optimizers and mounting systems. With perfect size and low weight it makes for easy handling, and has been optimized for minimum transportation cost. Vertex S gives you flexibility for system deployment.

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